I am Andy Boucounis, owner of Andy's Produce Company. As a Produce Distributor for over 20 years, I have seen almost every produce packaging and shipping system possible. Cardboard has been convenient and low cost but difficult when wet while the plastic systems have been expensive and bulky. Liland Technology has now designed a plastic system for fresh produce that is cost effective, space saving and truly a better fresh produce packaging system.


I have started repackaging strawberries delivered to Andy's Produce in traditional cardboard flats into the Liland Technology's Fresh-Pakk TM System to test the system this year. The berries in the Fresh-Pakk TM System maintained their high quality three to four days longer compared to the cardboard flat berries. This three to four days of extended shelf life is the longest I have ever experienced from a fresh produce handling system. The produce never has condensation due to the enhanced air flow of the Fresh-Pakk TM System.


I am recommending this Liland Technology Fresh-Pakk TM System because of the many advantages the system offers. The growers will save time with berries going direct from the field to the cooler without repackaging, and cooler times will reduce 20% to 40% due to the increased airflow. Distributors will gain extended shelf life reducing spoilage, and ease of handling (no broken boxes). The retail markets gain a free standing retail display to free up shelf space for other produce. The system addresses the three areas for produce handling with value added at each stage. I am recommending the system to all my fresh produce suppliers and anyone in the fresh produce industry.


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