Quality system

The quality control department at BEST-TECH is to emphasize on producing quality control standardization and normalized construction in international and production management. BEST-TECH has been precisely producing and providing competitive products for customers over 25 years. We are continually improving and providing high quality service. The entire staff participates with comprehensive quality control management. BEST-TECH efficiently implements international quality standard, ISO 9001-2000. In addition, BEST-TECH inspects ALL the materials from manufacturers to ensure that materials meet and exceed with the SOP.

BEST-TECH has built a long partnership with several well-known manufactures to ensure the quality process. Each process and production procedures are according to customers’ requirements to the SOP and Product Quality Standard. BEST-TECH uses scientific, strict inspection function and quality control functions as IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC to ensure quality. Additional, BEST-TECH uses detailed inspection equipment, Video Measuring System and overhead projector to provide the best quality guarantee for customers in scientific production procedures.

The Quality Control Department reaches to the top in order to exceed the requirements of customers. BEST-TECH uses the latest inspect equipment and excellent trained technology workers to guarantee our quality and exceed customers’ requirements.