Racks & Totes

Liland Technology Fresh-Pakk TM Racks & Totes is a complete plastic produce packaging system. Our product is introductory for the changing Packaging and Storage industry. Our product technology consists of an advanced patented injection molded products for improving the packaging, shipping and storage of products. The advantages include space efficiencies, reduced labor, easy of handling, reduced costs, colorful containers and enhanced display.


We develop all products with environmental considerations. The key to protection of the environment is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Every Liland product is designed for reducing the amount of waste, the ability to be reused many times, and ease of recycling. All products are 100% polypropylene or polystyrene with number 5 or 6 recyclable plastic. Polypropylene is use so products can withstand washing with hot water without distortion.

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