Growing Interest in Fresh-Pakk TM

Liland Technology continues to see expanding interest for their Fresh-Pakk TM System. The El Nino hampered season has caused as many issues for packaging manufactures as it has for produce growers. Now, with the improving weather and better harvests Liland Technology is finding additional interest for the polypropylene packaging system.


Andy Boucounis, of Andy's Produce Company in New York, has been very satisfied with the benefits they have experienced. He states, his strawberries and cherries have arrived in great condition and the shelf life of the produce is enhance both from the racks and the reduced transportation and handling bruising.


Liland Technology is also seeing growing interest from major supermarkets and warehouse clubs. Chip Mandela, Vice-President of Liland Technology sees a bright future for the system. He states the Fresh-Pakk TM Racks provide additional transportation volume, while reducing cooling times, and produce damage due to the patented suspension system. All these facts add up for improved margins for the distributors and supermarkets. He continued by saying the growers receive benefits also by eliminating the need for the folding shed, folding machine and wasted labor folding cardboard. The Fresh-Pakk TM System uses no cardboard and the system comes ready to pick-in.


Chip Mandela stated, that with the decreasing costs of plastic manufacturing, Liland Technology is able compete head to head with cardboard on a single use. Now, just look at the cost reduction of reusing the Fresh-Pakk TM Racks. The other great fact about the Fresh-Pakk TM Racks is the ability to be recycled and molded into new products. The future looks bright for Liland Technology's Fresh-Pakk TM System.