Pies-VIII Innovation Evaluation Report


September 9, 1998


Project Number H452
Invention Fresh-Pakk TM


Chip Mandela
Liland Technology
1335 East Parkside Drive
Gilbert, AZ 85234


Dear Mr. Chip Mandela;  

Your project is recommended for further development and commercialization. You have a right to be pleased with this news. Not many inventions reach this point. Earlier we did some experimenting in that we referred some inventions with "intermediate" evaluation scores. Without exception they came back the same way, thereby confirming our earlier standard. Less than 5% of the inventions we see receive SLR scores of .42 or more.


While we are of the opinion that your project has commercial merit, it may not be suitable for distribution through Wal-Mart at this time. However your packaging system has sufficient merit that I am going to ask Wal-Mart抯 fresh produce buyers to review it. It may take several months for them to get back to us. Someone from our office will be in contact with you after we hear from Wal-Mart. We particularly liked the strawberry packing system, it is attractive and presents produce very nicely. I am a marketing type, and it is my opinion that is packaging should increase the attractiveness and perceived value of produce. In addition, it should increase shopper抯 awareness and stimulate sales. I have not worked out the numbers, but it is possible that the increase in value/sales should more than offset the increase in cost.


We are just as interested in the progress of projects such as yours as those we send on to Wal-Mart. I hope you will keep us informed of your progress. Please feel free to use this report in your marketing efforts. The quality of your work is outstanding. Because of this I am enclosing a brochure about another of our programs with Wal-Mart.


It has been a pleasure serving you,


Gerald G. Udell, PhD


Complete report is available to be mailed.


A Cooperative Venture of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.,
The College of Business Administration at Southwest Missouri State University, and
the Innovation Institute
901 South National Avenue Box# 88
Springfield, MO 65804-0089