Please allow us to introduce to you the newly patented used tire recycling machine. This machine offers the abilities to separate a used tire into three individual containers for crumb rubber, steel, and fluff (cotton/nylon). The crumb rubber produced is from 6 to 60 mesh and will contain less than 0.01 percent steel and less than one percent fluff. This is completed at ambient temperatures and pressures. This machine's ability offers a profitable solution to the disposal of used tires by providing marketable by-products.


To support our claims, we would like to summarize a marketing report prepared by The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. In 1996, the reuse/recovery rate for scrap tires reached approximately 82%, and another 8% of used tires are retreated. The total used tire market projected by 1999 (annually) to be 260 million tires. The demand for the recycled tire by-products has increased nearly 70% in 1996. The use of crumb rubber as a valuable, cost effective raw material in sports surfaces, automotive products, asphalt and molded goods are on the rise.


The "Recycling Research Institute" is making a major contribution to the reuse of crumb rubber. Here is a partial list of the products:


Mexican pottery, Retaining walls, High yield garden techniques, Lawn edging, Playground equipment, Raised- bed containers, Stock Feeders Steps and over 50 more items were listed.


Assistance is also available from Uniroyal Chemical in developing markets for crumb rubber. We quote an industry statement:


"The growing cost of rubber, plastic, and other petrochemicals coupled with strict environmental regulations has created a unique opportunity for rubber and plastic recyclers to turn these waste sources into commercial viable products."


our tire recycling machine offers the highest quality crumb rubber versus any other shredder in the business that results in the highest prices paid for the crumb rubber. For more information, please contact us at Tel (877) 504-1060 or Email


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