Lifesaver Handset

The world through authentication laboratory has test showed that: the phone off the hook environmental radiation can decrease the mobile phone brings radiation, especially now with the mobile phone is intelligent touch screen mobile phones can reduce the touch screen to face intimate contact, almost zero radiation, protect your body.

For mobile phone some harmful to the body of the factors and design of mobile phone external receiver is set to restore ancient ways, comfortable and elegant, the trend for the integration of the mobile phone the receiver and the receiver is connected to the iPhone mobile phone more cool, connected to the iPhone when using iPhone in mobile phone handset, also can enjoy treatment of fixed phone, make you are in over the phone more comfortable, mobile phone not only high quality microphone voice, comfortable, it besides can answer the call, still can listen to the radio, music, MP3, the most important is he can rule out directly by mobile phone calls noise interference, sounds clear and loud and clear, will also avoid radiation. Walk on the road feel like good with people pay attention to, the sense of extraordinary. 


Product function:
1.To prevent you from an electromagnetic wave, Retro Handset provides protection against radiation with elegant model and conforms to the body constitution.
2.Support to all mobiles. Pick up and hang up the phone and adjust the volume easily.
3.Works with Skype,MSN,Yahoo and other chat programs with iPad,Notebook and PC.
4.Universal 3.5 mm connector fits most mobile.
5.Use attached Y connector for PC. Plug into the relative hole on Notebook/PC.
6.Press the button ON/OFF to answer the mobile, and press again to hang up.
7.Slide VOLUME to adjust the volume.